366/30 Day 3


Mr. Scribbles the Sealion

Beautiful Oops is one of my son’s books.  The concept is that every mistake (torn page, spilled paint) is an opportunity to make something new.  I scribbled a line and turned it into this sea lion on day three of 366 days of 30.

It was a beautiful sunny day.  I had been on a walking and chalk writing mission.  I needed to make my prayers known to myself, Gawd and the community.

“Please Gawd,” I scrawled on a concrete wall and a few sidewalks, “open my heart to your blessings. Please Gawd, open my eyes to my own strength. Thank you, Gawd.”

Those photos did not take well, but Scribbles the Sea Lion came out nicely.  I like the harbor and sea vessels in the background too.  I really like this camera app for Android.  It’s called Retro Cam and this is “The Bärbl” lens.


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