366/30 Day 9 – Granary

Art Deco Grain Jars

We have a splendid hand-me-down hutch in the kitchen.  It holds jars full of bounty.  It is a comforting sight.

I know my store is not technically large enough to be called a granary.  I love the word granary.  I took artistic license; that thing you can call upon to make something different than what it is.

This hutch holds many items: kitchen towels and napkins, cook books, dried peppers and pasta, hot sauces, my prized recipe box and the requisite odds and ends.

I needed a tactile project.  I had this roll of beautiful wall paper.  I had dozens of jars.  I knew sunlight to be “bad for” grain storage longevity.  I wanted a unifying element for the myriad different pieces on the hutch.  A project was born and a solution was made.

Jars and "To Do" Before


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