Sad Music, Rain, Pellet Stove

First Post!  WordPress gave me some questions to help narrow my blog’s focus.  I enjoy a good round of Q & A.

Mr. Pellets

Mr. Pellets has Magic

So what’s your focus going to be? Shana Rose Up: a blog of intentional writing, lessons, photos and room to grow.

1. What’s your goal?
To share my eclectic and passionate pursuit and rendering of the hero story, the bildungsroman, the moral story, the radio story and creative work. To finally take a stand against the Oxford comma once and for all.

2. What topics are you most interested in?
In random order: life lessons, spirituality, cooking, culture, beauty.

3. What’s your perspective?
I’m a woman who doesn’t like forgetting, a mom, a writer, an artist.`

4. Who’s your target audience?
Moms, writers, teachers, culture hoarders, the emotionally unstable, questioners, beauty and truth seekers and artists.

Shana Rose Up will not be like Subterranean Fire. I will not be using this blog as a diary. This blog will be created and delivered thoughtfully. This blog will serve as a whole website, just as I will believe in my own wholeness as I practice living with intention every day. I will learn to substitute the phrase “I like…” for “I want…”

The title of my first, very abbreviated post, is descriptive. Rufus Wainwright’s newest album “All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu” is playing. It is raining again, after a lovely treat of spring sunshine in February. The pellet stove is doing its wholesome work in a corner behind me. I have a feeling love affair with the pellet stove. It is something warm and comforting, like soup.

I like you. I want you in all your excitement, confusion, boredom, frustration, stillness, sadness, creativity and curiosity. “You” and “me” are interchangeable pronouns in those previous sentences. I have a project to begin and now it is begun and Oh! The Places We’ll Go.


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