366/30 Day 14 – Valentine’s

Today I made the realization (ok, that is a stretch, I admit) that I enjoy getting into the spirit of some things.  I like the premise of Valentine’s Day – that is, showing your love for someone in a material way.  I was inspired by a friend who sent a nice email basically giving appreciation for us and for her blessings.  That email, her words and the poem she included, were the material thing.

It need not be a heart shaped box of chocolate or heart print boxer shorts or any silly thing like that.  I made spaghetti squash filled with beet “pasta” sauce.  I chose this recipe for the red “heart” and because my husband has been talking about that beet sauce longingly for awhile.  (Admittedly, I also did buy him a small something he recently mentioned and he brought home a beautiful new phalaenopsis orchid which I will attempt, for the 4th time, NOT to kill.)

I condemned Valentine’s Day in the same life period that garnered so much condemnation and bitterness: high school.  I am on a quest to let myself to be vulnerable to others.  It’s tricky.


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