Rule No. 1

I haven’t gotten around to seriously setting boundaries for this blog / website yet.  I have a vision.  There are a few rules.  Here is one of the rules:

No Swearing

This is a tough rule for me to set, but I’m going to do it.  Not only as an interesting way to train myself to stop the potty language around my burgeoning talker, but also to train myself to use more articulate language.  Finally, if I can’t think of any way to express myself other than some kind of curse or expletive I can be creative and G-rated.

I had a Mormon friend in high school.  She used to say “Son of  a Biscuit!”  It was totes cute and creative.  I do find that food-language is a great substitute for cursing.

By the way: abreevs and valley girl language are still allowed.  Hey, I gotta be me!

BTWx2: If you want to read me where I swear it up and then some, check this out.


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