Seeking a Smile and Tiny Victories

I’m watching kids play.  I’m thinking about play, work and joy.  A sweet little chub just did a typical fifteen month old face plant.  He picked himself up and stood rubbing his ear for a minute.  Then his older brother pulled up in a Playskool car and said, “Are you still alive? Are you still alive?”

On the way to this play place I happened to spot two thirtysomething men spinning on a playground merry-go-round.  They were having a blast.  Laughing and grinning just like you did as a kid, when the g-forces were plastering your cheeks back into your ear lobes.

I have been the man and the woman of the house since Monday.  One way I’m staying sane, at attempting it at least, is keeping track of both my ideas and my victories.  I have three victories so far, in only three days!

1. Fixed the dryer lint trap

2. Made a huge pot of vegetable stew

3. Caught, exterminated, and buried a mouse.

That last one was creepy.


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