#10 Boobies

I started this new blog with some idea about it eventually being a real-professional-like web-resume for my writing / a practice ground for what I will learn as I learn what the heck DIY web design is all about.  I have not had much time to devote to that path, but here this little blog lives and sometimes, it feels kind of invisible.  I love it no less, but I, and the blog herself, want more viewers!  I don’t particularly want to be held to specific standards regarding frequency of entries published, but I do want readers when I publish!

I’ve been wondering if I can import the nearly 400 blog posts on Subterranean Fire to a separate section of this Shana Rose Up blog.  Or, do I have to import it as though it were always a part of SRU?

I used to be an office drone.  As I was a fairly standard, i.e. somewhat crappy employee, I spent more time than I like to admit writing and reading blogs while I was on the clock.  (Hey, what were they gonna do? Higher an “English Major” with the ability to intently focus on dull work for months at a time?)  I was more able to enter into internet relationships based on shared writing and emotion and interest when I spent 40+ hours a week surfing the web.  I think I spend something like 12 hours a week on the internet these days.  Perhaps when I’m satisfied that the habit of writing has been firmly entrenched into my daily life I will begin stepping back into the writing communities online (and hopefully that means publishing communities as well).  Until then…whine! Impatience! Love me!!

Holy crap! I just realized that I began this post with ENTIRELY different intentions than what the above two paragraphs indicate. (#3 on the list)  Holy kvetch factory!  Here’s something I wrote on my old, with 29 followers (for me that’s a bundle) blog, two years ago.

I’m happy to see that I’m still the same scared, courageous, crazy, sane, wild person I was a year ago.

Hinty McHinterstein

Oh, and I wrote this around the same time.

My First Pregnancy List

It’s funny.  I’ll wait, if you want to go read it.

So, what I’m saying is… are you getting all this?


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