Random tech update

The overwhelming majority of comments I get on my blog are from Mr. E (one of his chosen monikers and I don’t recall how I’ve referred to him, on this blog, in the past).  They are typically unpleasant and accusatory.  Once, or only one time that I remember, the comment was defensive.  I have chosen not to publish them, but they are saved.  I have no idea when, if ever, this blog will remotely resemble something I’d want to publicize actively.  I could simply write in a journal.  I could use my pc’s word processor.  But I enjoy the blog.  I enjoy the tools present to make it contain images or videos, etc. I like the idea that it’s being archived on “the web” even if my computer craps out.  

I received a comment today that was from a different person.  One who found me due to the poem in a previous post and who felt connection and said so.  It was a surprise.  I feared/expected the comment-er to be Mr. E’s new “woman” coming to defend “her man” (his lingo) online.  Not that I know anything about his relationships or lack thereof.  I haven’t felt relevant or searchable online in years.  I haven’t been able to write rhythmically in years.  The time allotted is minuscule when compared with the amount of emotion and transition I’m processing.  Also, the pressure is on to get a lot of shit done all the time every day. 

Any way.  The last free wordpress theme was agonizingly wrong, so I picked something that seemed mostly fool proof that I could spruce up quickly and leave be without embarrassment.  I’m still a blogspot girl at heart, but wordpress seemed so potentially professional at the time I made the switch.


One thought on “Random tech update

  1. Hey, it’s A, and I only every tried to help you in my comments. I think you know that now. And you know where to find me, since you have. Your blog helped me to see how he was manipulating you, even though you didn’t realize it at the time. He’s like that.

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