The Fruit of All My Grief

Listening to this song on my way into work and I felt my heart crumpling, filling, and spinning again.  The lyrics, combined with her soul deep vocal husks, wound past the nightmare media coverage on “race relations”; the constant wars being waged; and my own life of struggle, sacrifice, and grief.  Music: doesn’t it just send me?

I’m fortunate enough (Do you hear me, G-d?) to be going to see The Alabama Shakes this March with my best and oldest friend, my soul sister.  The feelings the music made in me this morning were multiplied when I imagined being awash in the sonic and human energy in the room in which these musicians play.  As I imagined it, and as my heart dove and rose like a Swallow on the water bugs, I thought myself emotionally and spiritually related to the whirling dervish.  Ecstasy in the art, ecstasy in the pain, ecstasy in the joy of being human – praise, praise to it all.

We don’t want to fight no more.  We want to be awake.  We want to rejoice.  We want to trust in life and all the loving miracles that put us exactly where we are right now.  Hey, come along now, won’t you?  And.  Hey, if you’re not sure you want to, you can meet us there when you’re ready.  As I say to my children (internal and biologicial) I love you too much to argue.

Out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing

there is a field.  I will meet you there.


Before yesterday I had not seen that quote, but it’s coming with me now.  I’m just another soul in this world, a loving humanist not suffering fools.


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