Just Like Old Times…

Lighter fare. Stream of thought.  Feminine energy. Most of the time. Time as money. And on we go.


Things to do, January 20. I didn’t call my cousin on her birthday. Things to do. Plan meal & baking for dinner/bday party on Jan 30. Keep in mind the MPS Enrollment Fair that morning. Bake dairy-free family cake & cupcakes/cake for coworkers. Buy self bouquet for desk, you better believe – or maybe the shelf you want for photos, plant. So: dinner & 2 desserts. Cleaning & dining plan. Also: yoga practice room in office. Find one. Maybe you get a drop-in yoga club eventually. If you try.  Later, list savings goals & amounts so you can stay focused.  At work: memorize poetry instead of prices during down/numb times. OKGO.


Like old times, but much wiser.  Less painful.  Focus can be learned. Drive is innate.


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