Work in Progress: Jupiter into Venus 2016

Emotional waves have been choppy lately.  Sometimes the wind blows harder and the waves are higher, but we know the earth isn’t moving any faster.  Alchemy plays on us even though we can’t see all its movements.  The Magician of the planets goes on even though we can’t see the strings.  

You can be comfortably grounded in the knowledge of yourself one day and the very next day you can feel as though you can’t hear yourself think.  Nothing external seems to have changed.  The work week is the same, the people that matter are still present and operative in your life, but you’re stressed out and insecure.  You don’t understand it and go looking for answers.  You read the stars and the planets.  Then you begin to understand.  The planet readers tell you about Jupiter the Benefic moving into your Rising sign, the sign of balance and justice, and they tell you to think back. This happened last 12 years ago.  What was happening in your life 12 years ago, they ask.

For a week you felt stupid – unable to communicate and reach your goals.  Then you remembered 12 years ago what you were doing.

The backwards motion of the messenger planet slowed down.  Words returned to your vocabulary from the mist and it dawned on you.  You can appeal this sentence.  You don’t have to act out this story.  You are not your ability to show up in an office five days a week and make no waves (which is good, because making waves is truly one of your passions).  You are not doomed to the worst of what you once labeled adulthood.  You know now that revolution is possible AND that you can’t quit your day job.  And that you CAN do both.

An image comes through you to paper.  You draw a river and label it “health and mobility.”  You line the river’s banks with trees, tall grass, and clumps of flowering bushes.  You label the flora “creative work life.”  You write the figure caption.

The river (health & mobility) helps feed the forest (creative work life).  The river is not the point or goal, AND the goal cannot be obtained without the river.

In the forest (active) and river (passive) you see the cosmic male and female energy that makes life.  The cosmic male/female dance is like poetry to you.  The idea that the active/male exists parallel to the passive/female in order to cherish and nourish is one of the most thrilling cornerstones to life that you know of.

You write the following mantra: 
The time to unwind the ball of knots about my ability to earn $ by doing my passion work has returned.  Fixing this starts now.
Future possibility = cranking out writings and feeling strong physically.
What to do now? Small balanced increments of regular work body/work creative. 

Inspirations: Chani Nicolas Horoscopes Week of September 12,  Mercury Retrograde & the Solar Eclipse in Virgo, and By You I Mean Me


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