About Shana Rose

Shana Rose was born female and causcasian in Chicago, IL at the very beginning of February in a year that makes her a Dog on the Chinese zodiac.  She has no siblings.  The first important moment she can remember in life occurred on the swing set her dad installed on their suburban, yet rustic, property near the Fox River.  It was probably in late Spring or Summer.  She was swinging and the light was dappled.  The wind was minimal.  There was probably not much sound, save that of the natural prairie world around her.  With the realization that she, the grass and leaves, the boxelder bugs, the swing set, the busted up cement retaining wall and everything else were composed of the same stuff, Shana’s life as a spiritual believer began.  But no organic things move in straight lines.

Shana also remembers a time when Big Red gum was the spiciest, most exciting thing she’d ever tasted.  She recalls wishing her name were Stacy, like the popular blond from The Baby Sitter’s Club series.  She doesn’t remember learning the rules to baseball.  They were inherited, along with a sweet tooth, a foundational sense of humor, and hazel-blue eyes.  She didn’t become comfortable in her own skin until she’d climbed the same mountain in Marquette County, Michigan enough times so that it was predictable and easy.  She didn’t become comfortable in her own mind until she’d suffered heart-break and struggle often enough that it became knowable and worth surviving.

Shana finds more peace in a starry, moonlit night than she does in a clear blue sky.  She feels more understood in the gale of an autumn wind than she does a collection of people her own age.  Her core motivations are to build relationships with others, understand the wounds of others, and love herself more than any others.  Shana has been described as a woman “of large emotion,” a cat, a pixie, a bitch, the best mommy, and a bull in a library.  Shadows catch her eye and so does sparkle.

Currently she can be found living in Milwaukee, two hours North of her childhood home, working in admin and editing; rounding up laundry and good deals; encouraging and listening to her two young children; and again residing in the house of her parents.  She has a cat, wants a dog to someday hike with, and wants to have time to let out her creativity in a more sustained way in the future.  Writing is her oldest artistic expression, but many other mediums are enjoyable too: song, yarn, dance, thread and needle; feng shui; pastels; water colors and legos.  She does not know where she begins and coffee ends.

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