Work in Progress: Jupiter into Venus 2016

Emotional waves have been choppy lately.  Sometimes the wind blows harder and the waves are higher, but we know the earth isn’t moving any faster.  Alchemy plays on us even though we can’t see all its movements.  The Magician of the planets goes on even though we can’t see the strings.   Continue reading


Reminder: you can trust people to be themselves 100% of the time.

Reminder: predators use cognitive dissonance to target their prey.

Reminder: you and he will never be on the same team.

Reminder: I can move past wanting to burst into tears when my throat clenches and know that, in due time, all this will wash up to something more acceptable.


Some will forget to mention that she is kind.


P.S. Where I am now is very nice.  This post was discovered by accident while searching for an image for a reminder tattoo.  Reminder: Where I am now is very, very nice indeed.

12 Months – Dec. 2011

There are five posts to my 1001 Son Days tumblr account from this month.  The first one is about absurdity in life.  The second one is about being your own self, belonging to yourself as much as, or more than, to any one else.  The third is a GIF from My Friend Totoro (SUCH a beautiful and soothing film).  Then there are these two.



Our family split.  It was intensely painful.   Continue reading

The Tameless Pilgrimage of Hearts

Grief can be compared to a great many things.  I have compared it to a rock – stuck inside of the self.  The self, tumbles it time and time again. Eventually the rock is smoothed out and growing smaller with each run through the self’s cycle.  Grief can sail on a ship disguised as the life you did not live.  Yet, how can you know when you’ve bid the ship a bon voyage at last?  How many times have I thought I’d forgiven, accepted, and moved on – only to be shown that I’m wrong – when I claim I hate the grief within me?  If you have forgiven, have moved on, can you not cease to feel the pain of hate?  Continue reading

9 Months Old – Sep. 2011

Salameister was reaching toward the end of his ninth month broadside, earth-side, sunny side up.  I wouldn’t have known it consciously at the time, but storm clouds were building on the horizon.  They were visible, but I was like the tough old resident who doesn’t leave her shack for nothing.  No storm was going to shake me, I determined.  Continue reading

4 month old – April 2011

[T]he story may be happy or sad–there is a sadness in deep love, a sadness at the center of joy because love, like birth and death, breaks open the heart, breaks open the dream of beauty to reveal some other beauty, bigger and wilder and more precious than we knew.  These love stories are not about “love at first sight” or “happily ever after.” They are layered tales of grief and patience, courage, strength, and transformation. – J. Ruth Gendler

In my blogs I can see that I’m seeking Continue reading