11 Months – Nov. 2011

I agreed to marry Salamander’s father and we made it happen.  11/11/11.  He later, though not much later, wanted an annulment.  I would not grant it.  At first, it was because I wasn’t ready to admit defeat.  Later, it was because I wasn’t going to pretend I didn’t make that mistake.  And finally, it was because I needed the legal protection the title granted me as we were already in divorce court.

Nevertheless, in early November, Salamander came with me as I plucked beauty from our luscious surroundings and fashioned a bouquet. marriage bouquet

Two weeks later, I blogged this:


This is the place in our lives, Salamander’s and mine, where things got very challenging as the norm, rather than the exception.  But for one or two nights, right then, I put intuitive knowing into a lock-box and enjoyed “my family.”  Salamander napped the afternoon after our marriage was legally made.  We had taken a walk in the cold, wet air.  I gave out cookies I’d baked.  We went home to flowers and chocolate covered strawberries from my loving family in the Midwest and went to bed.


Ruby Breasted Hummingbird

We saw one of these fellas while on the morning walk.  I heard the little buggers zipping and humming around so I paused to look for it.  I saw it hovering in a little enclave of bramble (blackberry thorns) doing what could have been feeding or nesting.  It seemed to get threatened because it careened out of there and right for my head.  It came close to my face then shot upwards to about ten feet above my head before zooming around in a circle then back to its bramble clearing.  The ruby breast feathers caught the sunlight and I thought it actually lit up from within, light a lightning bug, for a few minutes.  I was breathless with the excitement and mystery of it.  Yep.  Breathless from bird watching.  It’s a nice life.